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Winter is coming

The cold has come suddenly, without warning as usual in Madrid. For this reason, at BeeYou Travel we consider it very important to give you some tips to keep our friends safe in the coldest time of the year.

Obviously, the winter is different depending on the region and country where we are, these tips are for when it is cold, and it is always important, first of all to consult our veterinarian, because each animal species has different characteristics and needs.


In many regions, local authorities allow the use of chemicals for melting roads and paths. Extreme caution is necessary in these cases, since there are reports of animals that have tried to eat it. In these cases, it is important to go quickly to the veterinarian.

Many veterinarians recommend, in winter, if we live in these types of areas, carefully to wash the paws and belly of our pets with a damp towel after each walk.

Salt can harm my paws!

Similar to chemicals, many authorities can use salt to thaw roads and streets. Salt is harmless for pets and humans, but we must make sure that it does not cause wounds on the feet of our friends.

The hair is my protective layer

During the winter it is recommended that our furry ones keep their hair, so that it protects them in a natural way against the cold. In some cases, our animal may need an extra layer of protection and must wear some type of clothing. Of course, in case of any doubt, always consult your trusted veterinarian.

Beware the cats!!

In winter, it is very important to pay maximum attention before we turn on our cars or any heavy machinery. Cats are specialist at finding warm spots to sleep or rest when it gets colder, so we should always check under the car and inside the engine.

The laws of physics

If the temperature is below 0 °, the water turns to ice. It is important to always provide our animals with fresh water, taking into account that if we have their container out of the house, it will freeze at low temperatures. On the other hand, playing with snow and ice is always something very fun for our animals!

Quantity, not quality

Many dog ​​handlers and veterinarians suggest that it is better in winter to reduce the time of our walks, but to increase the number of times that we take our furry ones out. Obviously, it is not always easy to do it.

The recommended daily exercise for a dog is 1 hour walking. If possible, we should do 3 walks of 20 minutes to avoid prolonged exposure to the cold during this time of year.

We hope these little tips will help you!

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