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Winter clothes and dogs

The climate begins to be increasingly cold and we must consider our decisions about the clothes of our dogs.
Here in Madrid, where we are located, when going out into the street, it is almost impossible not to see Spanish Greyhounds walking with their winter clothes.

The same thing we can witness, obviously, in other places with cold winters and a high concentration of dogs that need extra protection in winter. In this article we will talk about what types of dogs need clothes during the winter.

We always like to start our articles remembering the need to always consult your trusted veterinarian, because each dog is unique as we are. But, it is true, that there are some kinds of furry that are commonly stable that need to wear winter clothes when the cold arrives.

The Chihuahuas are native to northern Mexico and are the perfect example of the vulnerability of dogs to the cold. They are very small and very short fur. So, as you can imagine, buying them winter clothes is not just style, it’s a necessity. We remind you that dog jackets can protect them, but not at very low temperatures.

Like the Chihuahua, greyhounds are dogs that originate in a country with a warm climate, Egypt. It is absolutely necessary that they have adequate extra protection in winter. Therefore, greyhounds like, the Spanish greyhound, the Sloughi or Arabian greyhound, the Borzoi or Russian greyhound, the Afghan greyhound, the Saluki or Persian greyhound, the English Whippet, etc … should always have their raincoat and winter coat.

Almost all small breeds need winter clothes. There are some types of Terriers, such as the Rat Terriers and the Boston Terriers, which veterinary associations recommend to always protect against the cold. Do not be fooled, there are some long-haired dogs, such as the famous Yorkshire Terrier, who also need clothes when temperatures drop.

Hairless dogs
Although it is obvious, we must mention that all breeds of hairless dogs need protection. Usually, these types of furry are very rare outside their countries of origin, but they are very unique dogs and worth mentioning. Among them, we can find: the Mexican hairless dog- Xoloitzcuintli, the Peruvian hairless dog-Inca Orchids and the Chinese Crested Dog.

Unfortunately, it has recently become a trend to put clothes on dogs. We can not forget that dogs are not people, generally do not need any type of winter clothes, except for the types of dogs that we mentioned before or if they have any health problems or because of their age. It’s one thing to disguise your animal for Halloween (just in case it likes it) and another thing is to put clothes on so that they resemble babies. This should not be done in any case, it is not good for them.

As always, you can send us the photographs of your animals to put them on our social networks, and if you are thinking of discovering Spain in the most friendly way for your little or big furry ones, check out our website!


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