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What should we do if we find a lost or abandoned animal?

It is a question that all of us who love animals have asked ourselves sometimes, maybe you have already found yourself in that situation, at BeeYou Travel we consider that is very important to know how to act in these cases. In this article we will focus on how we should do if we find a lost or abandoned animal.

Generally, the animals that we may find abandoned or lost are dogs and cats. It is important to check first, without getting too close, if the animal is injured or seems sick, in that case you should call quickly to the emergency number, 112, and expose the situation.

If it has no injuries, it may be scared and / or disoriented, so we must approach carefully and sideways, avoiding any form of aggressive approach, so it does not panic. We can talk to it with loving words, to transmit calmness and closeness.

When we are close, we will offer our hand so that the animal can smells, we will let it be the one that approaches, if we have some food and / or water, we can give it to it. When it has taken some confidence, we will check if it has its identification plate. If yes, we will contact the owner, if not, we must find the nearest veterinarian, they have the obligation to check if the animal has microchip and read it, free of charge. If it does not have it, you will have to call 112 and they will be in charge of telling us what animal shelter or city council should take care of the situation, given that, depending on which area of Spain we are, one or the other is in charge. It is mandatory that they have a 24-hour pick-up service, and will be with them with whom we will have to manage a possible adoption, in case we are interested.

Unfortunately, Spain still does not have a State law of “Sacrifice 0” of healthy animals, only some provinces have or are in the process of establishing “Sacrifice 0”, as is the case of Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Murcia, the latter is where more animal sacrifices are produced from across the country. However, even this law is not enough, since it should be accompanied by other measures, such as facilitating the sterilisation of animals, making it free or very cheap. Therefore, there is still much to be done in Spain regarding the quality of animal life. From BeeYou Travel we hope that little by little we will achieve achievements so that our animal companions also have their rights and a life as good as possible.

The abandonment of animals is punishable by a fine in Spain, although there is no state law and each region sets different prices that can amount to 30,000 euros.

At BeeYou Travel we remind that an animal is not a toy, it is a living being that feels like us. We must think before we have an animal if we are responsible enough and we can devote the time it deserves.

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