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Temperature in Madrid

Madrid is a perfect destination to travel with your pet most of the year. Except for the months of July and August, temperatures are not extreme. However, during the two months mentioned it is advisable to always consult a veterinarian, given that they are very hot months in the middle of the day, and may exceed 40º C (100ºF).

In winter, although the cold is not extreme, some animals may need additional protection to avoid problems. Although, it may snow some days a year, it is not usual and the snow does not usually settle.

The temperate climate of Madrid and its low level of humidity, make the city an ideal destination for travelers like you can enjoy a wonderful holiday with your best friends.

Month Average Daytime Temp °C Average Daytime Temp °F
January 10 50
February 12 54
March 16 60
April 18 64
May 20 68
June 27 80
July 32 90
August 30 86
September 25 77
October 20 68
November 12 55
December 9 48


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