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The first days of a puppy

And suddenly one of those magical moments that will last in your memories forever comes to your life, the arrival of an animal that will become from that moment on another member of the family. We invite you to leave us in the comments how that first moment was unique to you, there are always incredible stories to tell!

In this article we will focus on the arrival in your life of a puppy, but in future articles we will talk about other cases such as when it is a dog adopted at an advanced age and / or that has suffered abuse. Also with very useful and necessary information.

We return to that special and unrepeatable moment, a little puppy enters your life, you are so excited that you cry of happiness, you feel love in your whole being, all is pampering. But when you calm down, the moment of truth comes: “what should I do to make my puppy as good as possible?” Although obviously you will take care and educate your dog throughout its life, the first days of a puppy are key, here we tell you how you should act.

Of course, first of all the veterinarian is the right person to tell you everything you need about the new member of the family, depending on the puppy will give you some indications or other and will inform you about its vaccination schedule, deworming, etc …

It will be necessary to buy some basic things for your arrival:

– A crate considering the size of our puppy.

-An adjustable collar, not all have the same type of neck. For example, greyhounds need a special collar. I still have my dog’s first collar in my bookstore.

-A leash.

-Bowls for water and food. Metals are better than plastic ones, cleaning is easier, doesn´t absorb any odour and it’s more ecological

-As for the dog beds, it depends on the character of the dog, mine never slept in the dog bed, so I will recommend at first not to invest a lot of money, and then decide.

In the pet shop they will also try to sell you dog food, toys and poop bags.

Food is a very important factor to consider. Obviously we must give quality food. First, it is advisable to ask the shelter, the breeder or the person responsible for the place that has taken care of our puppy for the first few months. Afterwards, the veterinarian will have the last word and will tell us which food is the most suitable for it. It is always better to contrast several opinions of experts in the field. For example, breeds of dogs with erect ears, like German shepherds, need more calcium than a dog with drooping ears. The same happens with hyperactive dogs, need special food or depending also on the length of our dog’s fur will be better one food or another.

It is very important to mention that it is not the same to acquire a puppy from a shelter or a breeder. The main difference is related to the smell of the puppy’s mother. If it comes from a shelter, it is probably an orphan, so it already faced the shock of being separated from its mother, but if it is from a breeder, we recommend the following action: take a clean blanket or towel with you and rub it in the puppy’s mother. This will help make the separation less traumatic and help it sleep better on the first few nights.

Before mentioning what happens when the puppy comes home, it is important to remember that it is not all that easy as in the movies. Just like when a baby arrives there is a previous preparation with things to learn and things to buy, in addition to doctors and paperwork, with a puppy the same thing happens. Real life is not an advertisement or a commercial movie, you have to be responsible and do things right. An animal is not a toy.

The big event has come, you have chosen the puppy and now you are driving home. As we mentioned earlier, everyone needs to know their role. The puppy is leaving its other family, so it is absolutely normal that the animal is scared and shocked, so it is crucial that when you get home it finds a quiet and peaceful environment. Do not call friends or family during the first days. You should not take it on vacation either, it is too early and it is vital that the animal face the routine of its new home as soon as possible. If you have children, the dog must get used to the fact that they go to school and return later, that the parents work, etc … In short, we must show that we have a routine that it must get used to. Finally, we must not forget that dogs are sociable animals that, by nature, live in community, so we must make them feel like members of the family.

The first nights it will howl or cry. It is more than normal. And although it is very difficult, it must remain in an isolated room, it is not necessary to close the door, just put a gate or other object that can not jump. It has to feel you close, but you should not caress it, put it in bed with you or try to reassure it with each cry, because otherwise it will become a very spoiled dog. Dogs must be educated, just like children.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the things you should buy is a box, it is the essential element in these first days. Inside the box you will place the blanket or towel that we discussed at the beginning of the article. This way the puppy will feel calmer in the case that it has the smell of its mother impregnated on it, or at least more comfortable if it does not have the smell.

In the first weeks, the puppy will sleep more than half of the day. Also, you must be prepared, because the puppies do not have control of their bladder yet, so they probably pee seconds after waking up, so keep the cleaning service localised and prepared!

It is important to socialise your puppy as soon as possible, in general it should start between the second and third month, but do not forget to ask your trusted veterinarian first, since the puppy must first be vaccinated. It is very irresponsible to take a puppy to the street or put it in contact with other animals if it is not vaccinated.

Having an animal is a full-time responsibility and requires commitment. Therefore, before having an animal, think if you are prepared for it. The animals also feel.

From BeeYou Travel, we wish you the best of luck with the new member of the family! Prepare yourself for many years of joy and happiness. You may be interested in reading our article: What should we do if we find a lost or abandoned animal?

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