Haunted Madrid. Breaking down the legends.

Available In English and Greek.

Madrid is full of legends, but only some of them have a real background. We will examine a 16th century house, a small palace of the nineteenth century, a museum and many other places from a historical point of view and how this context created the myths of modern Madrid. We will also discuss about the most popular urban legends of Madrid and Spain.

As they say, where is smoke there is fire so we will try to break the legends down!


In this 2 hour-tour we will walk through the downtown streets in Madrid and  talk about legends, but with a different approach. We will examine the historical context and attempt to make our own conclusions…and obviously with our beautiful pets around!!

All are welcome to our tours, but we remind you that our tours are for people who travel with their pet, so some of our tourists will have four legs. If you are an animal lover, and this is not a problem for you, we invite you to join our tours.