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The Pets Corner

Pet Services.Dog walking, Groom, Dog Travel Packeges

Do you want to enjoy a meal in a restaurant that does not accept pets? Would you like to go shopping for a couple of hours? Do you plan to book a museum tour with BeeYou Travel? If so, the dog walker service is the ideal solution for you. We also offer Travel Packages with all the necessary products that a dog needs in his travel adventures. All our tours are Pet-Friendly.

Team Building Activities.

We offering team building activities. There can be a game where you will need to spot some clues inside the city. Imagine something like a combination between a treasure map game and a historical tour.  Very popular with groups that the participants do not know each other is our Haunted Tour/ The truth behind the legends. During the tour, you will have to engage and decide what happen to the protagonists of the stories and what that mean for you. We worked with Start-Ups, schools, colleges, Universities, Companies and groups. Everything can be customised so just communicate with us and we will create the perfect experience for you.

Tours for Schools, Colleges ,Universities

We have completed with absolute success tours for Language Schools, Colleges and Universities. From totally customised tours in Retiro with more than 60 children to tours for scientific teams of Universities in the center of the city. We have host events for any kind of educational institute. From focused small groups with special needs to educational tours. We can arrange everything. Just send us an email and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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