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Persian cat: aristocracy and elegance

The Persian Cat, besides being one of the most popular cats in the world, is one of the oldest. Although its origin is not known for sure, it is believed that it arose in ancient Persia, the current Iran. It entered Europe through Italy and it was in the seventeenth century, when this species was recorded.


Its main and most striking feature is its long hair. They are very silent and adaptable cats that need an early socialisation. There are two main types of Persian cat, the traditional one and the flat-faced one. The latter was created in the twentieth century and has many more problems breathing, having reduced its nose.

They generate extra fur during the winter to be more protected. They have round eyes, small ears and a wide tail. And the variety of colours is incredible, you can find them white, brown, black, chocolate, cream, gray, etc … and obviously, also in combined colours. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 17 years.

They are calm cats that tend to generate strong ties with their owner.


I do not have to tell you that it is a cat that needs a daily brushing to have healthy and shiny hair, easily knots are formed. The eyes and nose should also be cleaned every day, as it has very small holes. You have to buy an adequate and quality food, its hair needs many nutrients and vitamins.

Always check with your trusted veterinarian, also for its vaccination and deworming calendar. The Persian cat needs to go to the hairdresser every month or every two months. And it has to take a product to avoid getting hairballs once or twice a week.

They are cats that usually have urinary stones. They may also have respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, polycystic kidneys and skin problems.

It is important the cat is well cared, eat well and go to the veterinarian in order to prevent future problems and our Persian cat can live the best life possible. 

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