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Meet the Egyptian Mau Cat

This elegant cat with almond-shaped eyes and mottled natural fur comes from Egypt, where it was venerated in antiquity as a sacred animal. Miu meant cat in the ancient Egypt and hence derives its current name. It was such a beloved animal that its characteristics were given to numerous deities.

It was introduced in the mid-twentieth century in Europe through Italy thanks to a Russian princess and later also spread across the United States.


Its aesthetics and musculature make it a great jumper, climber, explorer, and therefore also an excellent hunter of small animals. Its hind legs are a little longer than the front ones. Enjoy the open spaces.

As a clear identifying mark, its fur forms an M on its forehead. In addition, its body is mottled with dark spots in gray, brown or black tones combined with a background that can be mainly gray, copper or smoked.

Its life expectancy is between 15 and 18 years.


Being a cat of Egyptian origin, therefore of a warm climate, can not withstand cold temperatures or sudden changes in temperature, so be careful in that regard.

So that the fur of the cat always conserves that shine and splendour it is advisable to brush it of 2 to 3 times per week. Also, like any animal, you should be given healthy and natural food, like the one we offer at BeeYou Travel in our Surprise Box for Cats at the request of the interested party.

Exercise is as important as food in any animal, in addition, the Egyptian cat, in some cases, may tend to obesity. Therefore, with greater reason it is important to be attentive.


The Egyptian Mau cat is very intelligent and generally independent but affectionate with the people with whom it coexists, however, with strangers it has a much more reserved character.

It is usually a calm and peaceful cat, and like most cats, very playful.

It tends to be very possessive and territorial so it is recommended to educate it since childhood, so that it gets used to people and be as social as possible.


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