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Learn about the Spanish Greyhound

The Spanish Greyhound with its dark and nostalgic eyes has a very tender look. Belongs to the family of the greyhounds, therefore, is a dog with a slender body, elongated head, ears shaped like a rose, narrow chest and tall stature.

With short hair and elegant appearance, the Spanish greyhound is a very agile and light dog, for what it has been for decades, and unfortunately it is still, a very used dog in Spain for hunting. This generates big problems, since the hunters get rid of them at the end of the hunting season or when the greyhounds no longer run so much. Then, they are murdered, mistreated, abandoned, and in the best of cases, taken to a kennel. The Greyhound and the Podenco are the most abused dogs in Spain. This very serious problem is being fought every day from different organisations and animal protection.


If you have a greyhound or have had the opportunity to know one, you will have noticed that it is an extremely affectionate dog, with a tendency to be shy and scary, especially if it has been mistreated, but noble and very obedient. So with patience, training, and above all, a lot of love, can be a very sociable dog. In fact, it is a perfect dog in a house with children or / and other animals like cats or small dogs, and it does not like to spend a lot of time alone. The Spanish greyhounds are quite calm and do not bark hardly, nor are they territorial. In addition, they are very sleepy, can get to sleep 18 hours. They usually live between 10 and 14 years.


It must be always educated from positive reinforcement, and has a great predisposition to learning. The Spanish Greyhound needs 3 walks a day like any dog, the brushing should be carried out every 2 or 3 days and it does not need to be bathed too much. It is a dog that does not generate much smell, therefore, bathing once a month or two months will be enough, or what comes to be the same, when it is very dirty.

Depending on the case, it should visit the veterinarian every 6 or 12 months. And of course, it is very important to keep its vaccination calendar and certificate up to date, and to be dewormed. Externally every month and internally every 3 months. If you have any doubt or question, consult your trusted veterinarian.

It is usually a strong breed, but greyhounds are more likely to have stomach twisting and bone fractures and injuries, especially if they have been racing or hunting greyhounds. It is important that its feeder and drinker are at medium height to avoid problems in their cervical vertebrae, our greyhounds are small giraffes.

Food and Rest

They should eat dry feed and large quantities are not necessary. Greyhounds should not get fat, their bones are not prepared to support a lot of weight.

Being very thin dogs need a soft and comfortable bed so that their body is well protected.

Other Traits

Due to their narrow and stylised skull, almost the same size as the neck, they need a specific greyhound walking collar. It is a dog that does not handle extreme temperatures well, therefore, in summer, it is important not to take it for a walk in the hottest hours of the day, and of course, it must drink a lot of water. In winter, it should be protected with its coat, because they are very sensitive to the cold.

Although it is a dog that likes to run, it does not have to exercise extra, but obviously it has to exercise to maintain a healthy life.

And, finally, from BeeYou Travel we remind you of the importance of always carrying an identification chip, to avoid and solve any type of problem, such as the loss of the animal.

We love Spanish greyhounds, and with them we have decided to release this new section of animal species, due to the fact it is a dog with a difficult situation in Spain, which we hope will improve soon.






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