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Learn about the French Bulldog

The history of the French Bulldog is very curious. Like all Bulldogs, they are descendants of the Molossians, a group of dogs from the ancient region of Epirus, in Greece. These dogs were used in wars and to care for livestock. Through these wars and trade, the Molossians began to spread to almost every corner of the ancient world.

The Molossians of the United Kingdom evolved and became the famous Mastiff family. And from here, through several crosses, the Bulldogs emerged. The Bulldogs were mostly used as fighting dogs, fortunately, over time, these fights were banned. The dog breeding sites reduced the size of the bulldogs, crossing them with terriers and British pugs, giving rise to the Toy Bulldog. The French Bulldog is the result of the crossing of British Bulldogs with other French locals breeds.

The French Bulldog went from being a fighter to an animal totally dependent on the human being. In fact, it has one of the worst dependency rates. It is not recommended that the French Bulldogs spend many hours alone because they can develop severe anxiety. It is a dog that adapts very well to life in the city, it is also sociable and playful. It does not bark much and the exercise that it requires is the minimum recommended for any dog (1 hour a day). The French Bulldogs are ideal to live with children or other animals, like cats.

Being a dog with wrinkles is very important to use a good shampoo and clean in depth the areas between the curves. Generally, veterinarians suggest a monthly bath. The French Bulldogs usually enjoy the water, so there will not be much fight at bath time.

The most frequent health problems in the French Bulldogs are hip dislocation, brachycephalic syndrome or elongated soft palate. They are very sensitive to high temperatures, so in the hottest places or months you have to be careful. It is also not recommended that they travel on airplanes, because of the respiratory problems they have. The French Bulldogs are among the races of highest mortality in air transport. It is also important to take care of their weight, so as not to increase their respiratory problems.

In short, it is a small dog, very familiar, affectionate and protective with its owners. Without a doubt, a very special life partner.

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