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9 days Itinerary- Explore the idyllic and magical North Coast of Spain


Day 1. Arrival to the Capital of Cantabria.

Santander is a stately city in the north of Spain with a lot of charm and a unique character. Furthermore, it is one of the most important financial centres of the country as it is the location of the financial institution that shares the same name.

Santander has a privileged location between the sea and the mountain. It can be reached by ferry from the UK, as well as by plane and obviously by car. The city spreads beauty and elegance, and of course, as in all of Spain, food is amazing. You can not miss the Santander sardines and the quesada pasiega, its traditional sweet!

Day 2. The city of the 3 lies and the first Spanish town to have electric light.

Known as the city of the three lies, because it is not holy (sant), nor is flat (llana), nor doesn´t have sea (mar), Santillana del Mar is a monumental town and a must when visiting the region of Cantabria. Furthermore, in a very close distance, you can find one of the UNESCO World Heritage monuments that are in Spain, the cave of Altamira, called the “Sistine Chapel” of Rock art.

The next and final stop of the second day will be the coastal town of Comillas. It is a very noble and aristocratic town where “El Capricho” by Antonio Gaudí stands out. One of the few works that Gaudí made outside of Catalonia. It was also the first Spanish town to have electric light.

Day 3. An introduction of Asturias

Llanes is a town of great seafaring tradition. It has a very important port and an incredible coast with beautiful beaches and nature. It is an ideal stop to eat, explore the area and admire the immense sea.

The second stop is Ribadesella, this charming town in the Eastern Asturias is very important for two main reasons: here it is located the prehistoric Tito Bustillo cave, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site due to the importance of paintings, engravings and other manifestations of Rock art. And secondly, Ribadesella is the last stop of the best-known canoe races in the world, the International Descent of the Sella, which is held every year on the first Saturday of August, and which is the only Asturian festival declared of International Tourist Interest.

Day 4. The place where the Conquest became Reconquest

Today is a great day because we will explore one of the most important areas in Asturias: Cangas de Onís and Covadonga. It is the place where took place the decisive victory against the Muslims, that supposed the beginning of the Reconquest in 722.

It is also the place where the lakes of Covadonga are located, one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the massif of the Picos de Europa. Nature in its purest form.

Day 5. The capital of Asturias  

Welcome to the capital of Asturias, the second biggest city in Asturias after Gijon. Famous for its samples of pre-Romanesque art and its street sculptures, its Gothic cathedral is a mandatory stop.Oviedo is a welcoming and friendly city to explore with your pet. Do not miss the opportunity to try the Asturian cider that people of Asturias are so proud of.

Day 6. The beautiful coast of Asturias

After the capital now you will get back to the coastline. Cudillero is one of the most beautiful villages of Spain and with a great seafaring tradition. Located in a privileged place on the coast, its views are spectacular.

What can we say about our next destination, Luarca? Luarca is tradition, fish, beauty and charming and has one of the cemeteries with the best views of Spain!

Day 7. An introduction to Galicia

Catedrales beach, a name that takes by the similarity that their rock formations have with the flying buttresses of the gothic cathedrals,will be your first stop in Galicia, specifically in the province of Lugo. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Then, you will arrive to Viveiro, where you will have your first contact with the tasty Galician cuisine and its beautiful landscape visiting O Fuciño do Porco.

Day 8. Betanzos

We will change province today and will arrive at the nice town of Betanzos in A Coruña. Its old town, in which important Gothic monuments stand out, is declared a Historic-Artistic Site. It is also an important city in the English way, one of the ways of St. James.

Day 9.The last day of the north Spain exploration

And for the last day, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and final destination of one of the most important pilgrimage routes, the Way of St. James (Santiago de Compostela). This monumental and stone town is declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO  and a must in Spain. Its most important emblem is its majestic and unique cathedral.

This itinerary is a fantastic option to discover and explore the north of Spain. All our itineraries take always as consideration the happiness of your pet and yours, therefore are designed to you enjoy the time in Spain, without no rush, but obviously, BeeYou Travel can create a customised tour for you depending on your needs. Moreover, you will receive a BeeYou Box in order to make a better trip for your pet for free!!

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The price starts at 1.400 euros/1.250 pounds per person. Children below the age 15 will have a discount. All kind of pets is for free. Special prices and discounts for groups of 4 and more. The price does not include tickets of transportation to come to the starting point and tickets from the last stop to your place of residence.  The prices can always be changed according to your preferences and needs.

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