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4 days in Madrid

Madrid is an ideal destination throughout the year. It is a city where you can find everything except the sea, but that is not a problem, there is a beautiful river, El Manzanares, which although it is not plentiful is full of fauna and flora, a delight for nature lovers, and also a perfect place to practice sports. Madrid is one of the cities with the most quantity of trees on the planet, which you can enjoy in such beautiful parks as El Retiro or La Casa de Campo.

It is also one of the cities in the world where art shines with its own light, here you can find some of the most important museums in the world, such as the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum. On the other hand, the gastronomic options are innumerable and varied, you can enjoy any type of food.

Madrid is the perfect city to combine history, culture, gastronomy and fun. In this itinerary of BeeYou Travel, we suggest you how to explore the highest European capital above sea level. Our speciality are travelers who travel with their animal family and travel without stress, so you can enjoy every moment without spending time, so our proposals are focused on you.

Day 1.

The Madrid of the Austrias and La Latina

What better way to start exploring the city with your furry than to get lost in the oldest neighbourhood in the city, Madrid de los Austrias. Named after, in honour of the family of Philip II, the Habsburgs, because he was the one who made Madrid the capital of the country. In this neighbourhood of Madrid, you can feel the foundations and origins of the city literally since it is in this area where you can also find remains of the old Muslim city wall. It is a must visit in the Austrias: la Plaza de la Villa, where you can find some of the oldest buildings in Madrid, la Plaza Mayor, el Arco de Cuchilleros and Plaza De Oriente. Also in this area is the Royal Palace and the Cathedral, unfortunately, you can not access them with animals. It is essential to walk and get lost in its streets to find hidden places, like the shortest street in Madrid, El Codo Street.

After this incredible dive in the history that you can do with one of our tours, Madrid Medieval, for sure you will like to eat some tasty Spanish food, fortunately, we are next to one of the best areas to eat in Madrid, La Latina. This neighbourhood is named in honor of a lady, responsible for caring for the children of the Catholic Kings, they say that she was an expert in Latin, and hence the name of the neighbourhood. Its most well-known streets are the Cava Baja and the Cava Alta, but it is worth exploring in depth, to discover places as beautiful as the Plaza de la Paja.

Madrid Río

After La Latina, we suggest you visit the river of Madrid, El Manzanares, your furry will thank you and you will enjoy a pleasant and peaceful walk. Madrid Río is a huge recreational area ideal for people with animals and children; you can also rent bicycles and scooters. There are 17 playgrounds, bars and many sources. It is one of the best walks that someone can do in the city. When walking along the Manzanares River, you can see many types of trees, birds and other animals, but also feel the rhythm of the city because the area along the river is a place where locals gather to exercise and socialise. It is open to the public all year round, 24 hours a day.

Day 2.


Lavapies is considered by the locals as the most authentic neighbourhood of Madrid. Formerly through the streets of this steep neighbourhood, when it rained small torrents of water formed that ended up flowing into the river Manzanares, so one of the most likely origins of the name is that. It is a multicultural neighbourhood, where it is estimated that people from more than 80 different countries live. Here you can find a multicoloured environment with different and exciting shops and cultures. This neighbourhood is considered one of the coolest in the world and it is not for less. If you want to taste and experience Madrid, Lavapies is indispensable. You have the option to eat in this area, where you will have very different options or wait for the next neighbourhood, Barrio de las Letras.

Barrio de las Letras

Imagine being able to discover a place where some of the most influential personalities of Spanish literature coexisted. Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderon de la Barca … all lived in this place during the so-called Golden Age. All lovers of literature should visit this neighbourhood located in the heart of Madrid. In BeeYou Travel, we offer you the opportunity to explore the most cultural district of Madrid with your animal travel companion, so that you can discover the hidden history of this fascinating neighbourhood.

Day 3.

Gran Vía

Gran Via is the nervous system of the city, the most important avenue in Madrid. In only 1.3 kilometres are the main commercial stores and some of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid, such as the Metropolis building and the Telefónica building. In addition, Gran Via was a key point during the Spanish Civil War. You can discover all aspects of that breathtaking period with our Civil War tour.


Malasaña is one of the most historic neighbourhoods in Madrid, it has the name of a seamstress, which rose up against the French during the Independence War and was the first victim of the city. Each wall is a potential canvas, each street is a new discovery and the cultural mix is breathed in every corner of this part of the city. Along with Lavapiés, Malasaña is one of the most important and bohemian neighbourhoods in Madrid. They are living neighbourhoods that are constantly changing and innovating and where street art is part of popular culture. In BeeYou Travel we have tours in both neighbourhoods so you can discover with your best friend the graffiti scene in Madrid.

Day 4.

The Madrid of the Skyscrapers

One of the areas least explored by tourists is the Madrid of business. Leaving the economy aside, the area of the Paseo de la Castellana has a great and very interesting modernist architecture that is well worth a visit with our furry. The 4 Towers, the Picasso Tower or Puerta Europa, popularly known as the KIO Towers, are some of the essential skyscrapers that one should admire when walking through this busy area of Madrid.

El Retiro Park

Take the opportunity to discover the Retiro Park with your best animal friend. A park full of history that was originally a private garden for royalty and now has become the lungs of the citizens of Madrid. The location of the Retiro makes it the perfect place to begin your exploration of Madrid or to finish it. In BeeYou Travel we also have a tour in the Retiro Park so you can discover all its history and secrets.

All our itineraries take always as consideration the happiness of your pet and yours, therefore are designed to you enjoy the time in Spain, without no rush, but obviously, BeeYou Travel can create a customised tour for you depending on your needs. Moreover, you will receive a BeeYou Box in order to make a better trip for your pet for free!!

We remind you that in Madrid there are important museums such as El Prado or Reina Sofia, we have not included them in this itinerary because you can not enter with animals, but if you want to visit museums, we have at your disposal the best caretakers so that your little big friends are in the best hands while you visit them.

The itinerary is able in two versions:

Free Spirit Tour:

The most simple way of travelling. We create the itinerary and book hotels, activities, restaurants, etc… for you, the rest is up to you! Feel free and enjoy!!!

Exploring Tour:

Like the Free Spirit one, but we will provide you with local pet-friendly guides to explain to you all the mysteries and curiosities of Madrid. Feel like a real local!

Price from 720 euros/650 pounds for the Free Spirit Tour.

Price from 1040 euros/935 pounds for the Exploring Tour(this package includes 4 tours of an average of 2 hours per tour).

The prices are for 2 people.

Children below the age 15 will have a discount. All kind of pets is for free. Special prices and discounts for groups of 4 and more. The price does not include tickets of transportation to come to the starting point and tickets from the last stop to your place of residence.  The prices can always be changed according to your preferences and needs.

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