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How to enjoy Halloween with our pet without dying in the attempt

Halloween is very celebrated in the western Anglo-Saxon countries, however, every year more countries are being encouraged to celebrate this fun party. Here it is a guide about how you can enjoy Halloween with your pet without dying in the attempt. Booooooo!!!!!

1. Respect your pet

If you love Halloween and want to disguise your best friend too, you should always keep in mind if it likes to be disguised. Many animals do not like the fact that you put clothes on them. It is difficult for an animal to hide its feelings, if they do not like the costumes we will know it instantly. It is important to think about them and respect them first of all.

2. Rock Star Pets

If your pet was born to be a Rock Star and be the center of attention, and has no problem with the costumes, the next step is to choose the right costume. It is advisable to buy your costume in a store specializing in animals, many costumes can have small pieces that can cause our friends problems if they swallow them. In addition, some costumes can increase their body temperature or reduce their vision or hearing. It is always important to know our travel companion very well.

3. Pumpkins

Halloween is synonymous with terror, trick or treat and, of course, pumpkins. Pumpkins are not dangerous for our pets in small quantities. But, in large quantities, in some cases, it can be harmful by containing mycotoxins. Therefore, everything better in moderation.

4. Candles and pumpkins

There are reports, mainly from the United States, where it is detailed that some burned houses have their cause in a pumpkin with a candle inside and a curious animal hovering nearby. Obviously, under no circumstances, our best friend should be left alone in the house with a lit candle.

5. Trick or Treat

As we mentioned in our article about the most harmful food for our animals, chocolate should be avoided. It is important, that in this time so full of sweets, our little and great friends do not have access to these tempting delicacies. Or, you can always order a BeeYou Surprise Box with homemade and organic food so that your pet can also enjoy these party, but in a healthy way.

6. Batteries

During the Halloween party, there are many toys around us to create a spooky atmosphere. These toys usually contain batteries. It is essential that our pets never have access to batteries, they are very dangerous.

7. Pets in the garden

If you own a front garden and have your pet there, you should always be with him if you have decided to decorate the house so that your neighbours know about your spooky creative skills. I imagine that, in that case, children will go to your house to play trick or treat, therefore, your best friend has to be controlled. Possibly, we have the friendliest animal in the world, but it can be scared with a disguise or some sound.

8. Humans

This is a recommendation for people who have pets of black color: better to have them inside the house during the celebration of Halloween, at least, in the United States. Because of the unjust belief that some animals give bad luck, such as black cats, the shelters for American animals do not give up pets of black color at this time of the year due to the amount of reports of animals of this color that have been mistreated on Halloween. International organizations, such as PETA, warn of this danger.

From BeeYou Travel we wish you a sweet and fun Halloween preparation for those who celebrate it.


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