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Homemade Cat treat recipe, delicious and nutritious

Our cat is a member of the family, and as such, we want its food to be the best possible.

Today we bring you a simple recipe to make cookies for our little big cats. It is important to mention that they are treats, given that they contain fish, very nutritious and good for them, as long as they eat in moderation.

Mackerel, sardine or salmon cookies


1 spoonful of whole wheat flour

60 ml skimmed milk powder

Half cup of wheat germ

200 gr. of mackerel, sardines or salmon. Clarify at this point that the fish must be previously cooked, you should not give raw fish to your cat. You can buy it in the fish market and cook it beforehand, or in the case of sardines and mackerel, they can be canned (always of good quality).

The Omega 3 fatty acids of these fishes are beneficial for the skin and hair of our cats, in addition to improving their metabolism and immune system, and preventing cardiovascular problems.

The oven must be preheated to 180º. In the meantime, we mix and knead all the ingredients in a bowl. When it is well kneaded, small pieces of the dough are taken and we create small cookies with the shape that most suits us. Then we bake them for 15 or 20 minutes. And it´s done!

They are easy to prepare, our cats will love them and we will be happy knowing that they are eating healthy.

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