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Food that is dangerous to our loyal companions

In BeeYou we have as a principle the safety and the wellbeing of our animal friends. Usually, when we travel we are more relaxed and we may drink and eat more, and very often we cannot resist those beautiful eyes that are looking at us, asking to taste some of our menu delights. So, it is crucial here for us to mention the most typical food that is on our menu and can harm our friends. Obviously, every animal is unique and we have always to ask our veterinarian about the food on our table which, once in a while, we can use to spoil our beautiful companions.

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Unfortunately, we have seen in some movies and pictures that are posted on social media, that some people are sharing alcoholic beverages with their pets. That is WRONG. We should not give alcohol to animals in any case. Usually, it will cause diarrhoea and vomiting and even can cause permanent damage, a coma or death. If our small friends consume any alcohol, it is a necessity to call the closest veterinary clinic to avoid possible worst consequences.


Nowadays, Avocado is one of the trendiest fruits someone can have on his table. In Spain is more common every day. No animal should ever taste it, even though it is very healthy for humans. There are many reports about animal poisoned by avocado. From donkeys and horses to rabbits, BUT in the case of birds, Avocado is a deadly poison.

Chocolate and Coffee

Here, in BeeYou, we don´t only love animals unconditionally, but also chocolate and coffee. Unfortunately, our small friends cannot share our love for a hot chocolate in winter or an iced coffee in summer. Those products are toxic and can be deadly. Dark chocolate may be delicious, but is the most dangerous of all (the highest the concentration the highest the toxicity)

Coconuts and Grapes

Coconut, coconut oil and grapes (and raisins) have to be avoided. Although, it is not likely your animal friend to eat them and there are not deadly, there are some reports that say they may cause kidney issues.

Milk and dairy products

Although many animals are consuming milk and dairy products without any issue, some of them have problems to digest them. So, depending on the case, it is better those products to be avoided.


About the nuts, it is necessary to ask your veterinarian because the researches are not clear and every pet is different.

Raw meat, eggs and fish

We know that when you look your cat, you see inside him a lion, and we are sure that you consider your dog as a great wolf and an equal member of your pack, but our friends are not wild anymore (at least their stomachs). So it is necessary to avoid by any cost your pet to consume raw meat, eggs and fish. We understand that your best friend is the most effective vacuum cleaner in the kitchen and living room, but we have to be very careful. Many parasites can harm your pet (for example the fish disease). This kind of food will be suitable to eat after cooking it.

Herbs and salt

It is a group of ingredients that usually pets don’t  consume in big quantities (but you never know). Herbs, in general, should be avoided and, like us, they should avoid the unnecessary salt.


Obviously, we are not talking about animals, but about some irresponsible owners. There are some records of animals that have consumed narcotics, tobacco, medicines, vitamins, cosmetics, steroids, etc…In some cases, it can be a human mistake but, unfortunately, not always. It is obvious that what have been mentioned above is forbidden for our little friends.

To conclude, we want to remind you once again the need and the importance of always consulting the veterinarian. Take care of your animal’s diet in order for them to be always healthy and strong, and give him quality treats for his good behaviour.

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