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When we created BeeYou Travel, we always had in mind the day that we would present Asturias. One of the regions of Spain with more natural beauty. It is difficult to imagine a better region to travel with pets. Vibrant nature, beaches that allow pets, hiking, natural parks, fresh air, fairytale landscapes, etc … Let us create your dream vacation in one of the most recommendable regions of Spain to enjoy with your furry travel companion.

Asturias is very special for the Spaniards, since it represents the region where the conquest of the Muslims was stopped and where the Christian reconquest of Spain began. Asturias is full of pre-Romanesque religious architecture. The best example is the church of Santa María del Naranco, on the outskirts of Oviedo.

The main cities of the Principality of Asturias are Oviedo (the capital), Gijón (the largest city) and Avilés, the largest port in the province.

Asturias has important architectural works created by human beings, but the true protagonist of the region is nature. Unesco has recognized four unique biospheres in the area. Asturias has 300 kilometers of coastline, hundreds of mountain routes and forests, and is considered by experts as one of the best regions in Europe for hiking.

The trails, roads and routes in Asturias have very unique names, such as the Cascades route, the Dinosaurs route or the Watermills route. Each route is unique and very beautiful. In addition, many of the Asturian roads are part of the Camino de Santiago, such as the Coastal route or the Primitiva route, which runs from the Oviedo Cathedral to Santiago de Compostela.

And, obviously, Asturias also means incredible food. While you are in Asturias, you will have the great opportunity to try Cabrales, the most famous cheese in the region. But you can not miss other fantastic cheeses like Afuega’l pitu, Beyos cheese, Casín cheese, Gamonéu cheese or La Peral cheese. Once you taste them, you will understand why Asturias is called the land of cheeses among the Spaniards.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to eat fabada, which is the local stew, fish, meat or beans with clams. Do not hesitate to accompany your meal with a unique cider that has nothing to do with the cider you can taste in the United Kingdom or in northern Europe.

In BeeYou Travel we offer you the opportunity to create a totally tailor made holidays  in Asturias.

We will choose the hotel or the ideal cottage for you and your pet or any other type of accommodation you prefer and we will create a unique plan to make your trip unforgettable. From tours with your animals in the cities of Gijón. Oviedo and Avilés, up to the most beautiful and interesting hiking routes, to be able to enjoy nature. We will find that unique spot you are looking for and also the best place to experience Asturian cuisine. The choice is yours, the pleasure of organising everything for you and your furry or feathery is ours.

Send us an email to, informing us how many days you want to stay in the region, the type of accommodation you want, type of activities you would like to do and how you imagine your vacation in Asturias to enjoy with your best friend .

For each customised package, we will give our customers a BeeYou Surprise Box to make your travel companion’s stay as special as possible.

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