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Can our animals be vegetarian?

Every day more and more people are choosing alternative ways of feeding themselves. It is very difficult not to have a friend or relative who has not adopted veganism, vegetarianism or a diet of fish among many other options. It must be made clear that it is not just a trend of our time, different diets have been taking place for many centuries and the reasons are very varied.

There are cultural, religious, allergy reasons, etc.., but there are also people who want to lead a healthier life, with less environmental impact or who believe that animals have the same right to life as humans and do not want to contribute to their death.

So, as we can see, people can choose what to eat, but what about our beloved animals? Is it ethical to force them to adopt a diet according to our personal beliefs?

Many vegans and vegetarians, so as not to betray their principles, want their dogs and cats to adopt the same lifestyle, but at the same time, it is a way to humanize our animals. We can not forget that by nature our furry and feline eat meat. Felis silvestris catus (or simply cat) is a carnivorous animal, while Canis lupus familiaris (or simply dog) is an omnivorous mammal.

What is the right thing for the animal? Scientists have begun to examine the implications of all this, and as with humans, everything has two sides. However, many more studies would be necessary to obtain a more conclusive answer.

Nowadays, there are no studies that show that acquiring a vegetarian diet is better or worse for our animals, in fact it exists (for dogs), although it does not mean that it is the best one. Obviously, they have to eat a specific feed that contains all the necessary nutrients to replace the meat, and of course, the diet always has to be supervised by a veterinarian. The change of feeding in our animals is not recommended, therefore it must always be controlled and be gradual.

On the other hand, although in dogs it is easier to follow a meat-free diet, since they are omnivorous and have developed enzymes that help digest certain vegetable proteins, in cats it is different, they are carnivorous animals and have not lost their predatory instinct. Therefore, it is not recommended that cats follow a vegetarian diet, although, of course, there are different opinions  and there are vegetarian cats that are very healthy.

Is there only one answer?

There is not. But we can not forget that, just as each person is different, so is each animal. The most important thing is always to think about its health, therefore, it is necessary they have adequate and good quality diet, in addition to do exercise, both physically and mentally.

We invite you to leave your opinion in the comments about this controversial and topical topic.

And as for the title: Can our animals be vegetarian? We will respond with … Bee You, Bee Unique.

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