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Bird Nests and Bee Hotels

At BeeYou Travel we love all animals and we are trying to help and protect even the smallest. A very easy way to do this is to place a nest for birds or a hotel for bees in your house.

Many organisations, such as the British Trust for Ornithology, mention that since many birds tend to nest in old houses and gardens, when these are rebuilt or arranged by humans, many birds face the problem of where to live. For thousands of years (there are reports from Roman times) birds used to live in man-made structures and their nests depended on our buildings. Some researchers believe that some birds have lost the ability to build nests, and therefore depend on human constructions.

How can we help? With a small nest that we can place on our property. It is necessary to find a place as protected as possible and check from time to time if there are any birds living inside. Many times, wasps create nests inside the aviaries. If this happens we have to be very cautious. It can be eliminated if it is not very large and if it is not part of the diet of the birds we are hosting. Obviously, if you have children or allergies, it would be best to ask for the help of an expert.

In some areas, other animals can also find refuge in our nests and be welcome, such as squirrels.

Another newer way to host some animals in your garden is the hotels for bees. It is a new concept that has been created to help the bee population recover in areas where there has been a decline.

It is early to know if there is a real result, but as you can imagine, we love and admire the bees, so we are following the latest news.

If you look on the internet there are many videos of how to make them or they can also be purchased. It seems easy and they last up to a year. Afterwards, they need maintenance and cleaning.

Scientists who are beginning to examine the effect of bee hotels say that you have to be careful and be aware that, in order to have a hotel for bees, the holes have to be the right size, depending on which bees are in the area in which you live, to avoid intrusions of other animals. In addition, the hotel should not be very large, in reality, the hives are not giant, if we create large populations, bees can get confused and leave the area. Therefore, before creating a hotel for yourself or buying it, get informed.

Last but not least, in both cases, make sure that the wood is in good condition and free of any kind of infection.

If everything goes according to plan, you will have a very nice company in your house and you will contribute your bit for the conservation and protection of birds and bees, and therefore, of the planet.

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