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About BeeYou Travel

BeeYou Travel is born from the passion that their creators have for animals. Just as bees have a vital function for global diversity and the food chain, we want to help you have your dream vacation with your furry (or feathered) friend. From BeeYou we will work as pollinating bees, moving and looking for the best tourist services to give you a personalised experience, and that way, you can relax and enjoy your unique trip with your best friend.


Our Mission

BeeYou Travel is an agency specialised in travel with domestic animals. Our objective is to offer you quality tourist services in which all of you can enjoy an unforgettable and different experience in Spain.

Our Vision

In BeeYou Travel we want to contribute to make Spain more and more a friendly and accessible country to travel with our beloved animals, offering you a better service every day. In addition, we want to raise awareness of the importance of being responsible with our best friends with the purpose that they are also responsible, and thus, helps society in general, to understand the importance of animals to generate empathy, love and socialisation. "Walker, there is no path, you make your way when walking," says a fragment of the poet Antonio Machado, and that is the vision we have in BeeYou.

Meet our incredible team

Natalia Rojo Navío

I was born with the instinct to love all animals. And I will do everything possible to make your travel experience unique. Meow

Charalampos Petrou

Devoted as a dog, flexible as a cat and stubborn as a donkey, I am the perfect mix to create the ideal trip for you and your loyal friend

BeeYour Travel

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