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17 Curiosities about cats

Cats have a special charm, that aura of mysteries fascinates us. Here you have 17 curiosities of these little big cats.

1. Modern domestic cat descends from the African wild cat.

2. Felines in general and cats in particular were venerated in ancient Egypt, as they considered that they had divine qualities. Felines used to associate with the sun. In addition, they were much appreciated for keeping the cities free of rats.

3. Generally, female cats are right-handed and male cats are left-handed.

4. Cats approximately spend 70% per cent of their lives sleeping…Do you think they are lucky?

5. Cats have a perfect cooling system that makes them sweat a little. Except for the hairless cats, who sweat through the skin, cats have sweat glands at strategic points of the body, mainly in the pads of their paws, but also in the anal area, chin and lips.

6. Cats bury their excrement to cover the smell and thus prevent other predators from visiting their territory.

7. The whiskers, known as vibrissae, help cats to get their bearings and have a clear perception of their surroundings, they are especially useful in the dark and for hunting.

8. Cats have a very developed sense of smell, much more than a human. Its nose is like our fingerprint, unrepeatable and unique.

9. The tongue of the cats is rough because it has small hooks that help to tear the food.

10. Generally, the typical meow we know about cats, they only use it to communicate with humans.

11. Cats do not have taste buds to identify sweet taste.

12. The cat door was invented by Isaac Newton thanks to his cat and its meows at the door.

13. The gestation period is short, between 58 and 65 days approximately.

14. In many cases, cats become lactose intolerant over the years, so even if it’s a frequent picture in movies, you have to be very careful with dairy products.

15. Cats have 30 teeth.

16. The Egyptian Mau is the cat that reaches more speed. The cats reach a higher speed than the humans.

17. Cats have an incredible hearing system that goes from 25 to 64,000 hertz. The human being only reaches 23,000 hertz.

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