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Welcome to Spain

In a place in southern Europe, the name of which I have desire to call to mind, there is Spain, with its dreamy landscapes, its endless beaches, its authentic food and its diverse cultures and traditions. Spain will always surprise you.

We invite you to discover it with your best furry (or feathery)  friend!


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Info about Madrid in real time. Cameras and Weather.

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The 3 main rules to travel to Spain with Pets

  • First, pets should be accompanied by their owners or representatives.
  • Second, your pet must be identified with a legible tattoo or microchip.
  • They need to have their animal health certificate. Be sure a copy of the health certificate is also completed in Spanish. Dogs and cats that are less than 3 months old are not allowed entry due to their inability to receive the rabies vaccine. Pets must not travel within 21 days after its first vaccination.

BeeYou distribution channels: Airbnb Experiences, Viator, TripAdvisor

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Due to the Global pandemic of COVID-19 and the ordinances of the Government of Spain, we have temporarily suspended the activity until further notice. As soon as we are allowed, we can not wait to see you back in Madrid. We are more than optimistic about our quick return. As you know we are a pet-friendly company, but if you planning to visit Madrid and you have a bat or a pangolin as a pet, we will advise you to dress them as dogs as those are challenging times for them :-). Stay safe, stay healthy and we will meet soon.